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September 24th and 25th, 2022

→ Poster by Bernard Cadène

Book - Comic Fair


Just a century ago, Pierre Latécoère, a visionary industrialist, dreamed of an overhead line linking France to South America. Determined, the young Pyrenean realizes his crazy ambition by using the planes of the First World War no longer as weapons of war, but to transport mail, and then passengers. With the agreement and support of the public authorities, he then created a postal airline to link France to its African colonies, with the ultimate objective of flying over the South Atlantic and reaching South American countries. Under the impetus of its buyer, Marcel Bouilloux-Lafont, the Latécoère line gave birth in 1927 to the famous Aéropostale, which very quickly developed and operated the South American network. In 1933, Aéropostale was one of the five air transport companies forming part of the national company Air France. Mermoz, Guillaumet, Saint Exupéry... This event book brings together nearly a thousand documents, almost all unpublished, which invite us to rediscover these great heroes, who wrote one of the most beautiful pages in the history of aviation. . It was during a meeting with Marie Vincente Latécoère that MARTINE LAPORTE fell in love with this extraordinary human and industrial adventure. Member of the Council of the Latécoère Foundation and fascinated by the work carried out by the pioneers of this line, she devotes herself to the development of the archives of the foundation, in order to transmit and defend the memory of the elders to future generations. .