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September 24th and 25th, 2022

→ Poster by Bernard Cadène

Book - Comic Fair


André Rouayroux

Passionate about aviation, in particular about this world where evolve people endowed with the immense talent to give or give life to dream machines. Isn't the sky the universe most conducive to the expression of all adventures: intellectual, industrial and commercial? The first time he hears about Concorde, he is far from imagining that one day he would approach this plane with so much intimacy. His legitimacy in telling the story of this exceptional aircraft, he owes it first of all to all those who took part in this great human and technological adventure of the 1970s. For four years, they told him the story of Concorde, their Concord. It is with enthusiasm that he now wants to share this somewhat crazy story, that of the men who wanted to transport passengers faster than sound. Author of many stories including: - A Sky Signed Concorde, directed by L. Pourageaux (2006), Edition Atelier 101. - The Legend of the Constellation, Editions Privat (2015). - Concorde: Pierre DUDAL, Test pilot - Airline pilot, Editions du Cherche Midi (2017) - Concorde: The supersonic legend, Editions Privat (2018) - Gens de Concorde: Bank of audiovisual archives. "Stars and Wings" -Documentary Prize – Toulouse (2019) - Concorde Reference – Editor - Magazine published by APCOS. André Rouayroux is a member of APCOS (Association of Former Professionals of Concorde) and a member of the Aéroclub de France.