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September 24th and 25th, 2022

→ Poster by Bernard Cadène

Activities and exhibitors

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Animations aéronautiques et spatiales

Recrutement Police Nationale

Drone competition
Raising awareness of aeronautical professions through the BIA Initiation Certificate

Reconstituted military camp from the 2nd World War


Preservation of military heritage

ULM simulator

1/1 model of the Demoiselle de Blériot

Centre d' Information et de Recrutement des Forces Armées

rides for children (wheel, trampoline, carousel, slide)


Flight simulator

8 Alpha jet flight simulators on Air Force Diamant patrol

Airbus Heritage Conservatory and Simulator


aeronautical archeology

Association for the Donation of Organs and Human Tissues

Association that fights cancer in children
Humanitarian association

Association nationale des officiers de réserve de l'armée de l'air

History of Aeropostale

Aeronautical Restoration and Conservation Association

Ventes de matériel, de livres, de maquettes

Aviation Merchandise

Air Show Official Shop



Models of patrols from 53 countries

Association of aeronautics and photography enthusiasts

NEW FOR 2022: Take part in Spotter Day

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