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September 24th and 25th, 2022

→ Poster by Bernard Cadène


Planes in flight and static


Category : Le Transport Commercial

With the creation of the A320neo program (re-engined versions), the A321 has had a facelift, available in 3 new versions: the A321neo, the A321LR and the A321XLR, the last two being capable of traveling distances of 7,400 and 8,700 km3. The XLR version was unveiled in 2019 during the 53rd edition of the Paris Air Show. With the XLR the range has been increased by 700 nautical miles, or approximately 1,300 km, for a total of 4,700 miles, approximately 8,700 km. The first company to have ordered the A321XLR is Middle East Airlines with four copies. Its entry into service is scheduled for the end of 2023. It completed its first laps in early June 2022 and its first flight on June 15, 2022.